TSV630ICT Rail-to-rail input/output 5V CMOS Op-Amp, micro-power (60uA), GBP=880kHz, single with standby

The TSV630 and TSV631 devices are single operational amplifiers offering low voltage, low power operation, and rail-to-rail input and output.

These devices have a very low input bias current and a low offset voltage making them ideal for applications that require precision. They can operate at power supplies ranging from 1.5 V to 5.5 V, and are therefore very suitable for battery-powered devices, extending battery life.

These op-amps feature an excellent speed/power consumption ratio, offering an 880 kHz gain bandwidth while consuming only 60 µA at a 5 V supply voltage. They are unity gain stable for capacitive loads up to 100 pF.

The devices are internally adjusted to provide very narrow dispersion of AC and DC parameters. The TSV630 provides a shutdown function. All devices are offered in micropackages and are guaranteed for industrial temperature ranges from -40 ° C to 125 ° C.

These features combined make the TSV630 and TSV631 ideal for sensor interfaces, battery-supplied and portable applications, as well as active filtering.